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Re Psychic & Noetic

Sep 11, 1995 08:42 AM
by Jerry Schueler

As quoted by Pyschic & Noetic Action:
>"The 'Higher Ego' [noetic] cannot act directly on the body, as its
>consciousness pertains to quite another plane and planes of ideation: the
>'lower' SELF [psychic] does: and its action and behavior depend on its free
>will and choice as to whether it will gravitate more toward its parent ("the
>Father in Heaven") or the "animal" which it informs, the man of flesh. The
>'Higher Ego' x has to act solely through its ALTER EGO--the Personal Self."

While the Higher Ego (buddhi-manas) cannot act on
our physical body directly, yet it can (and does)
act indirectly through the personality or ego. This
is in accord with HPB's statement that nothing can
jump or bypass a plane, but must always go in serial
order through each plane. The only way for
something on a higher plane to act on the physical
plane is to somehow go through all of the
intervening planes. Thus the Higher Self must go
through the Lower Self. When does it do this? well,
as one example, when we lift consciousness to
a samadhi, a "bliss" (ananada) often (but not
always) pours forth into our physical body. This
bliss (called amrita in Tibetan Yoga) is the
indirect result of the Higher Self acting on our
physical body. The Lower Self, on the other hand,
can act directly via the emotions (kama).

Eldon, I cannot see what your explanation of 7
"principles" has to do with this? The idea of 7
principles for each body - making a total of 49
principles - is very confusing for most of us, and
your attempt to explain the above quote merely makes
it more confusing to me. Could be just me. Thanks
for the attempt, anyway.

 Jerry S.

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