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One last bone...(of contention?)

Sep 10, 1995 06:08 PM
by dhedrick

I am so pleased that many of you are concerned
about my spiritual condition. I am even pleased that
some of you consider me a challenge.

A few quick answers to previous posts:

As to Matthew 19:12
This passage is a reference to mans impotence whether
born impotent, castrated or by choice to not procreate.

The passage was used to question our creation.

Let me refocus this to Romans 9:18:23
These are clear passages that indicate that God
creates man in to His own vessels of honor or

As a layman of biblical theology and one who
TRUELY respects the Word, I find it necessary
to counter or refute teachings that do not line up
with biblical theology.

If you are aware of the bible and its contents you
would find that the bible does not teach preexistence
of man, only foreknowledge of a living God.

There is no declaration of reincarnation in the
Old or New Testaments. Quite the contrary.
Pauls assertion that we die once then judgement,
Davids declaration that He would be with His son
in the future (after death).

Paul said " be absent from the body is to be
present with the Lord.

Paul even said that it would be better for him
if he were dead...

Is this because he knew he would be reincarnated
or emancipated?

As a man who chooses to follow the teachers such
as Paul and then I am confronted by the teachings
of Zen or any other New Age beliefs and they are
at absolute contradiction to my established faith
and established truth then what is a man in time
supposed to do?

Can anyone tell me who Jesus is? And if he is not
God declaring Himself Savior of a broken people
that are destined to HELL if they do not accept the
advocates declaration of emancipation through the
shed blood of Jesus Christ...then he is an idiot with
delusions of grandeur.

Why can't anyone on this list tell me who Jesus is?
And how do you know what you say about Him is
the truth?



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