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Re: On Planes

Sep 10, 1995 05:26 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Just a note on planes (there are some more posts on theos-l about this):
>The holistic nature of consciousness and beingness being true, there are
>about twenty references to planes in the SD. There is distinction of
>vibration while there is integrated relationship of all levels in a planetary
>sense. For us as human beings the distinction between planes in
>consciousness is important in learning on the path.

Apart from the references, we need to put the ideas in our own words
for us to understand them and use them properly.

There's a distinction regarding planes that I'd like to make, and expand
upon in a future post. We could distinguish between "planes of consciousness"
and "planes of existence". Perhaps some of the confusion regarding planes
could be resolved if we apply this distinction to our review of planes,
globes, spheres of cause and spheres of effect, the manifest and unmanifest,

-- Eldon

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