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HPB and the Seven Rays

Sep 10, 1995 08:08 AM
by ZFenton

This list raised the question about the origin of the theory of the seven
rays, and about whether HPB knew of this theory. I am mainly a passive
reader on this list, but in this case I have some pertinent information to

HBP does refer to the seven rays at least seven times in the Secret

1) On page 80 of Volume I: "the emanation of the primordial ray ... contains
in itself the other seven procreative rays or powers."

2) On page 120 of Volume I: on the "Seven Rays hang the Seven Worlds of
Being. Truly so, since these are the Seven Lights, whose reflections are the
human immortal Monads--the Atman or the irradiating Spirit of every creature
of the human family."

3) On page 573 of Volume I: "... the Primeval Seven Rays. Humanity,
occultism teaches us, is divided into seven distinct groups and their
subdivisions, mental, spiritual, and physical."

4) On page 515 of Volume I: "the names of the Seven Rays--which are ..."

5) On page 605 of Volume II: "The seven rays of Surya (the Sun) are made
therein parallel to the Seven Worlds (of every planetary chain), to the seven
rivers of heaven and earth, the former being the seven creative Hosts, and
the latter the Seven men, or primitive human groups."

6) On page 604 of Volume II: According to "... the oldest and best preserved
gospel of the Gnostic, Pistis Sophia ... the human entity is the Septenary
ray from the One."

7) On page 492 of Volume II: "the radical key-note in Nature which gives
birth to the seven notes--the septenary scale of the creative Forces, and to
the seven prismatic aspects of colour, all born from the one white ray, or

Rich mentioned that the Boston (Besant) Lodge was involved in a bitter
lawsuit with Wheaton (wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars gained from
the sale of the old building to Boston University) and that this lodge was
expelled by Wheaton. I am a member of the Boston Lodge but am still a member
of the Wheaton organization. The Boston Lodge now calls itself "The
Theosophical Society in Boston"; it is still a vibrant organization, with
about 80 members and a new building in the center of Arlington, which is a
suburb of Boston.


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