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Belated replies

Sep 10, 1995 00:32 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>Thank you Jerry for an informational report with a personal
>touch ( the bombing and subsequent dream of your father). I
>would not presume to interpret this dream, but if your
>experience has been like mine, you got the feeling that this
>"archetypal war-father" was not joking and neither was the
>French lady! :-)
>Keith Price

 Yes, between the three, I would probably have a better
chance with the bomb. :-)

>That's ok with me, as long as the "core teachings" and the
>variety of later variants are presented on one list.

 That would be a verrry long list. :-)

>Great! The moment you have something published, could you let
>know about it?
>Murray Stentiford

 You bet!

>Yes, Jerry, absolutely. Even the "fundamentalist" ULTers like
>myself recognize that our "favorite" Theosophical writers are
>STUDENTS and COMMENTATORS on the Masters, HPB and Mr. Judge.
>That distinction is critical, or the original ideas will be
>lost, and we will have only secondary stuff, while we will be
>thinking the secondary stuff IS THE ORIGINAL STUFF.

 Yes, and it concerns me that many responses on this net
concerning source teachings keep retreating back to doctrinal
viewpoints that ignore the historical facts and only serve to
justify the various society's claims to superiority over the
others. Historically we have originators and commentators. The
commentators cannot be the originators, unless we want to count
them as originators of new theosophies. If so, that's fine with
me. We have Platonism and Neo-Platonism. Using the same
guidelines, we have Theosophy and Neo-Theosophy.

>If ANYONE has this article (Jerry H-E??) please start posting
>it, we need to
>hear HPB distinguish psychic from higher mental in a BIG way.

 Sorry, I was in the middle of writing a paper at the time.
I think however that you chose a difficult article. In our
classes, students usually read and discuss this article at least
three times before I'm satisfied that they have grasped the

>Don't like to be the heavy here, but this guy is violating our
>space in my opinion, and there's nothing to be gained by
>talking to him. Maybe I'm less tolerant than most of y'all.

 Perhaps John will set up a theos-christ for those who wish
to discuss fundamentalism and theosophy? :-)

>I would think that HPB & WQ Judge would consider themselves
>"students" as well.

 Why not? They referred to themselves as students.

>Dear Lewis,
>Simple, you produce both ... scholarly research & literature
>for the general public... I think both are needed.


Rich:< There is higher and lower Manas, there is Buddhi and
>astral sensitivity, and we have GOT to get them straight or we
>will never get out of the labyrinth!

 Or once the teachings get confused enough, we can all go out
and dig our own tunnels.

>THe book that contains the Mars Inhabitants material is vol. 2
>of ~The Inner Life~ published in 1911, of which I also have
>access. Vol. 1 was published in 1910. I am working on a
>complete text of the Mars material, together with some
>biographical details about CWL. I had hoped to scan it in, but
>the old books reproduce badly for this purpose, and so I am
>having to type it in by hand. Watch this space .....

 I'm looking forward to it. Thanks in advance.

>A curious phenomena - has the theos-l list actually attracted
>the first manifestation of its shadow?
> -JRC

 Yep. One orthodoxy meets another.

>>>I claim to write for Mahatmas. Send $100 for further details.

>> I claim to be the Mahatma that Alan writes for. Send $200
>>for further details. :-)))))
>>Jerry Hejka-Ekins

> I claim to be a humble student of their writings. Send
>help! :-)))))))))))))
> [Oh, yeah, and I insist that nothing other than *their*
>writings can be considered valid and *true*heosophy. :-))) ]

 Spoken as one who is inspired by the Maha Chohan. ;-)
Jerry HE

>Alan, I won't send you $100 but I MIGHT send you a special hat
>to wear when
>your "Class Clown" mood strikes you ...

 Can I have one too? I want a propeller on mine.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins
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