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Re: Psychism

Sep 10, 1995 07:16 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Jerry S.:

>Liesel:<But then the question still remains how does JRC keep himself from
>getting bowled over by someone else's rotten vibes? >

> Personally, what bowls me over is the inner suffering that I sense and
>feel in others. There are a lot of people with what could be called twisted
>or deformed auras, and I don't even like to be around them. I think I tend
>to see things in terms of happiness vs suffering rather than good vs evil(?).
> So-called evil people are actually in a lot of mental pain.

I'd agree with what you say, but also put another slant on the sense of
pain. The "lower parts" of us hurt when we're blissfully engaged in some
higher type of activity. In jogging, the legs may hurt, but we're oblivious
to the pain, because we're enjoying what we are doing from a higher standpoint.
The difficult long hours and self-sacrifice that one endures in a creative
process can likewise be a painful process, but our seat of awareness is
deeper within, and we are really enjoying ourselves, and feeling fulfilled
in a deeper sense.

We can say from the above that pain per se is not bad, and may accompany
something good that is going on. It is not something simply to be avoided.
On the other hand, if we do something that sickens ourselves in a deep way,
we'll feel a higher sense of "pain", regardless of the plesant external

With the people we meet with the suffering that you refer to, how do
we help them? Not by ending the surface pain. And we cannot make them
take the self-initiative to heal themselves in their spiritual natures.
All we can to is be ourselves, to offer kindness and support, and through
some sense of sympathetic vibration hope that we can offer a beneficial
influence to the other person. The choice to change one's life and step
out of darkness is one that the other person has to make for himself,
we cannot do it for them. But we can offer moral support and make the
external environment sympathetic to that person's taking the step and
correcting his life.

-- Eldon

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