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Re: Jesus in the Air

Sep 09, 1995 01:25 PM
by Geraldjs

> Art: This sound current sounds beyond the actual vocalisation of
>the name itself. If so there is a clue there I think. You are in the
> South and as you say the name that is in the air is Jesus.

>The current you are supposed to hear is a ringing radiance,
>devoid of words or musical form. So it's sort of a comedown to
>fall into hearing "stuff" instead of the pure shabd (voice).

Sounds like the Eck ala Eckancar. Paul Twitchal (hope I spelled it right???
 its been awhile since I read his books) talked a lot about the "sound
current." Also, the well-known word AUM is spoken aloud letting the final M
trial off into nothingness - the sound current or shabda. The trailing off
of a final M-sound is also well known in Tibetan Yoga (HUM amd AM, for
examples). Incidently, occult tradition says that hearing is the highest of
the five senses, and the last to go after death. As an aside, when you drift
off to sleep, you usually hear sound, generally a voice speaking, immediately
before losing waking consciousness - a sure sign that you are switching from
waking to sleeping.

 Jerry S.

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