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Re: Mish-mash or no mish-mash?

Sep 09, 1995 01:23 PM
by Geraldjs

Rich:<No, no, and again I say no. Theosophy is a distinct path, it is the
practice and study of the Great lodge through all time, at least if we are
correctly understanding HPB.>
 Theosophy is a distinct path in exactly what way? Please don't come
on with a lot of "no no" stuff. Give me a few examples of where it is unique
and I might agree with you. BTW, if you think that theosophy is the only
teaching given to humanity by the Great Lodge, then you are in for a rude
shock. It is "a" path, not "the" path.
Grace Knoche once told me this, and I have never forgotten it.

Rich:<The REASON that HPB and her teachers bothered to bring in stuff from
all other religions and cultures was that no one would bother to study
Theosophy in such a skeptical age if it couldn't be shown to have some
objective legitimacy.>
 Where did you get this idea? Sources please.

Rich:< IF HPB were to say "just follow this path I show, in 25 years
you will be a chela and understand everything" in 19th century Europe, would
a single person have signed up?>
 I can't believe HPB would ever say such a silly thing.

Rich:<Theosophy is not constructed A POSTERIORI (after the fact) from bits
and pieces that HPB happened to run across. It is a LIVING tradition among
the Adepts,>
 Please take a look at your own logic here. This passage (which I agree
with) completely contradicts your earlier passage (which I don't agree with)
that theosophy is unique. You can't have it both ways, Rich.

Sorry Rich, but I quit reading your posting before it ended. It sounds too
much like Daniel's for me to stomach in one sitting. Both you and Daniel
think you've got truth all wrapped up in a box and tied with a pretty blue
ribbon. I can understand this, because I have been there myself. But I
learned, and grew out of it.

 Jerry S.

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