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Re: Planes and diagrams

Sep 09, 1995 12:38 PM
by Aprioripa

>The noetic
>operates on ALL planes and does not depend on our awareness.

 In an absolute sense yes, but for us in consciousness it does so only as
we become aware of these faculties in our realized expression. This
realization begins as identity or awareness of the higher
vibrations/qualities/planes is developed.

>What does
>matter is if we can make the psychic receptive to the noetic or not.

 This occurs in consciousness as awareness of the higher planes comes

>Manas is a principle which pierces
>up and down through all the planes, and has an analogue in every one of the
>seven states of consciousness, in every grade of matter, and in every Globe.

 Yes 7 overlapping interpenetrating planes within 7 circles or spheres --
makes a beautiful symbolic illustration.

>A diagram of the planes will illuminate the cosmic (I mean here "solar)
>manifestation, but the human system is quite another matter and probably
>needs to be considered separately

 Actually the human system can be superimposed within the cosmic physical
plane as points or atoms of life with a presence all planes.

- Patrick

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