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Planes and diagrams

Sep 09, 1995 12:08 PM
by Richtay

Patrick: "I went to my trusty SD index and found about twenty references to
"planes" from the "four and three" to the "noumenal", "kosmos", etc. A
wonderful way to express the ideas of psychic and noetic. It seems, in
relation to humanity, that the noetic would operate on the higher when we
have attained sufficient awareness or realization of those planes."

No, that is not what HPB is saying, read the next installment. The noetic
operates on ALL planes and does not depend on our awareness. What does
matter is if we can make the psychic receptive to the noetic or not.

Are you reading the article or just coming up with your own stuff? The human
principles CORRESPOND to planes, but they are not identical with them. You
will not find the human principle "manas" only on the "Manasic" cosmic plane
or Globe "E" of the earth, for example. Manas is a principle which pierces
up and down through all the planes, and has an analogue in every one of the
seven states of consciousness, in every grade of matter, and in every Globe.

A diagram of the planes will illuminate the cosmic (I mean here "solar)
manifestation, but the human system is quite another matter and probably
needs to be considered separately at first before trying to draw parallels
and correspondences with the cosmic.


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