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Re: Toward an Inclusive Dialogue

Sep 08, 1995 09:31 AM

Dear Rich,

When Daniel first wrote us those great love notes, I said
"what's the use". Trying to persuade a fanatic is like banging
your head against the wall. What's more I have a thing against
people like that, because I've watched them become dangerous.
We all have. The Senate's Waco hearings were just last week
aired again on C-span. I changed my mind, when I read Art P.'s
replies, because here was a chance to maybe help a human being
hurt himself a little less & maybe hurt others a little less as
well. I think it's worthwhile to try to ameliorate these kinds
of vibes afoot in the world, if one can, & I think maybe Art 's
talking from a standpoint which understands Daniel better than
we do, might help. So as long as Art is willing to talk, I'm
willing to give him theos-l space. I don't think it's
untheosophical. For 1 thing, we are our brother's keeper, & for
another, to be of service is one of our basic aims. To me,
trying to get Daniel off his narrow & restricted & utterly
bigoted view is also self preservation. In Communist Russia,
Theosophists were sent to Siberia.
When Art gets tired of it, or when Daniel does, then let's
maybe they'll get somewheres before then.

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