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the seeing eye

Sep 08, 1995 00:07 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>> Art: What precisely is this Eye center. Is it a chakra point or a metaphor
>> for perceiving?
>Both, in a way. It is called the brow chakra, located slightly
>above the bridge of the nose. But it symbolizes illumined
>perception of spiritual reality.

The Seer trains himself to open the seeing eye, and Nature speaks to him in
tones which grow with each year more entrancing, more wonderful, because he
is growing great inside. His understanding is broadening and deepening. The
whispering of the trees, the susurrus of the leaves, their rustling, the
boom of the waves on the shingle of the shore, the chirp of the cricket, the
cooing of the dove, the sound of a human voice-strident though it often
is-contains marvels for him. He recognizes his kinship with all that is, he
realizes that he is but one element in a most marvellous mosaic of life in
which he is inseparably bound, and that as the vision grows it becomes ever
more beautiful and sublime; and he knows that the Vision Sublime is there
and strives to see it ever more clearly.
 Every tree, every flower, every atom of the mineral crunched under
your feet as you tread the surface of the earth; everything that is, had you
the seeing eye, you could learn from. Have you never looked into the bosom
of a flower? Have you never studied the beauty, symmetry, glory, around you?
Have you never looked at the rising or the setting sun, and marvelled at the
paintings on the eastern or western horizon? Have you never looked deep into
the ey of a fellow human being, looked with a seeing eye on your own kind?
Have you never found marvels there? What a wonderful world we are surrounded

G. de Purucker, GOLDEN PRECEPTS from The June, 1995 Theosophist.

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