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Re: Psychism

Sep 08, 1995 00:00 AM
by Geraldjs

Patrick:<Being psychic or not in the lower sense says nothing about a
person's spirituality and advanced souls may or may not use these faculties
during an incarnation.>
 Well, I will at least agree with you here. Ramakrishna, for
example, was initiated into the Kali sect and was considered an Adept at
psychic powers, but throughout his life he refused to use them for any
reason. Instead he spent a great deal of his time in samadhi or in teaching
his disciples (such as Vivekanada). He was a "real" theosophist, I think.
 Your posting is full of good and evil, and right and wrong, and I am
always saddened when I see this in theosophists. Compare your posting to
some of Daniel's postings and you will see the similarity. Just as fear can
be dissipated by love, so can the very notion of evil and the fear of it that
you seem to keep expressing.

 Jerry S.

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