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Re: to Liesel on Group Souls

Sep 07, 1995 05:03 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Even a rock is individual if you can pick it up and take it home, and even
>if it can't be moved and it's stuck somewhere it may be unlike the material
>it is stuck in and in that way be individual. Pull up a plant by it's root,
>look at it, it's individual.

True. We can find some sense of the individual in even the lowest Kingdoms.
The individual nature of consciousness, though, is not derived from a
distinct and obviously independently acting physical form. It depends upon
the consciousness of a particular being, and where that being's evolution
is focused, if there will be a recognizable form on our Globe D earth.
The fact, for instance, that we may look on a mass of rock and be unable
to tell how many Mineral Monads may be associated with it does not mean
that they are, in their inner natures and consciousness, as indistinct as
the material rock is itself. In its consciousness, there is clarity, and
perhaps on another Globe, where the Mineral Lifewave is located, there is
distinction and activity among the forms of its Monads.

The point is that while mankind on its
>downward arc through mental, astral, and finally into physical existence is
>reaching toward individualization, which on this fourth globe is at its
>peak, so too is mankind reaching away from individualization and towards
>unity on the upward arc through lesser and lesser degrees of matter until we
>reach the seventh globe where we are the most homogeneous.

I would describe the sweep of evolution as going from (1) homogeneous
unity, to (2) hetrogeneous disunity and apparent chaos and individualism,
returning to (3) heterogeneous unity. A return from (2) to (1) would be
regressive rather than a completion of the evolutionary sweep. We
continue to individualize as we return to a new form of unity that allows
our growing differences of self-expression to cooperatively harmonize.

>Is my thinking individual? Is the cat's activity individual? See the

Your thinking *is individual* as you make it your own. Ideas are first
but a parroting of collective opinions. As we put them into our own words
and assimilate them into our lives, they become our personal property, and
we can give them our own individual coloring.

-- Eldon

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