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Re: Toward an Inclusive Dialogue

Sep 07, 1995 11:38 AM
by Richtay

Frankly, this board is about Theosophy, and anything that relates to
Theosophy. If some contributors do not care to discuss Theosophy, cannot
relate their concerns to Theosophy, and are unwilling to learn about
Theosophy, I don't see what the point is.

There are lots of boards for discussion of fundamentalism, Daniel won't be
homeless. I for one have busily deleted most messages without reading them,
but I am getting TIRED of this, and it takes up my time and disk space and I
pay for the extra minutes of downloading.

I enjoy reading what people have to say about THEOSOPHY whether I agree with
that perspective or not.

But having just completed my M.Div. at Harvard Divinity School, I am sick to
death of hearing about the salvation brought about by the Bible, it's the
literal truth of God, blah blah blah. If Daniel were truly interested in
learning more about the Bible I could name well over a hundred books written
by both scholars and practising Christians which shed light on the history
and content of the Bible. I won't bother, because it is obvious Daniel has
an entirely different agenda, one which doesn't include us (unless we

So let's call it a day and get back to Theosophical pursuits. Like an
alcoholic, Daniel will have to bottom out (and most fundamentalists do, it's
an average of 7 years' stay) before he is willing to listen to ANYONE outside
of his denomination.

And if we are taking guesses, I would guess Daniel is a member of the Boston
Church of Christ, one of the most authoritarian and scary cults around. I
recognize the particular flavor of rhetoric I think. We were constantly
assaulted with this at Harvard (by non-students), I can't take anymore. For
interested parties, the number for the Cult Awareness Hotline is (312)


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