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Re: Art's Response to Daniel

Sep 05, 1995 09:42 PM
by dhedrick

Art and to Theos

I will preface this post with:
Is it a compassionate response to allow someone to continue in something
that destroys themself if there declaration is "I have a right to choose":

as an example...

A young not so spiritual lady is dumped by her boyfriend. She sinks into
despair and chooses to commit suicide. "Does she have a RIGHT to die?"

Yet in an act of grace(or law) happen to bump into her on the way home,
and you discern the broken heart...and in time the young lady falls
into love with your brother? Or the police arrest her and later that year
she creates a widget that saves lives.

What does kharma have to say about that?

If you rescue someone from a tragedy...have you not just condemned them to
have to repeat or undergo another tragedy?

>The greatest compliment you could have given to me would have been your
>compassion and open ear. You gave neither and, in this, have not witnessed
>to the One who gives both.

Was it compassionate for Jesus to agressively condemn those in the Temple.
Was it compassionate for John to condemn the secular leaders openly?

>There were indeed many "perverted things" about the process. The perversion
>started when I substituted my "humanity" for a set of ideological beliefs
>that prevented me from being loving in any sense, and gave me the misguided
>opinion that I had the truth rather than the fact that the truth had me.

You shall know them the know me because they Love one another.
God is Love.

It is clear that you have missed Jeremiah 1:5a-b.
Art if YHWH did have a hand in your creation (and he did) and you look
up into the Potters eyes and say "Why did you make me this way?" Or
make even a more foolish determination that the Pot determines what
will be contained within then that is your own personal choice which
you certainly have made of which only the Potter can by grace and mercy
wait for you to ask to be filled with His will.

>old impulses but it eventually led me to believe in grace, forgiveness and
>a trust in the universe that I did not experience when I was busy
>convincing people of my opinions.

In Romans it says that they perverted the truth by worshipping the Creation
instead of the Creator.

By now you are all saying...the Evangelical is too much, look at him attacking
and condemning....

I did not write the book of Romans or any other part. And as an Evangelical
I hold the Word of the Word of God. It is a perverted excuse that
that the inspired Word of God is less than what it delcares to be. This may
you mad...but spiritual growth must be within the bounds of truth, or else
you grow wild.

>I think you might want to spell this out a bit more. The redirection was
>arrived at by the dedication of my mind to God , trusting him that I was
>secure in God's love even though I explored ideas that might change me.

I respect your desire to trust Him...but I am honestly led to ask "who is Him"?

>Cheif of those ideas was the understanding of revelation and the process by
>which the Scriptures were created and inspired.

You know that scripture interprets scripture? And that inspiration, or
personal prophecy will not conflict with that which has already been
decalred by God?

>>66books. 40authors. One message.
>No, no. Read it again. Many messages One Source. And the challenging task
>of listening intently to what that Source had to say in our own setting.

I am very aware of the different INTERPRETATIONS. However the gospel
message is simple regardless of our setting.

We are sinners.
We cannot save ourselves.
We need a Savior.
Jesus is that Savior.

And as to Historical Veracity...if you actually studied the foundation for
interpretation etc...then it is impossible to come to anyother conclusion
other than
the Bible is inspired or it is a joke. There is no room for luke here.

What do you do with Messianic Prophecies?
Who do say Jesus is?
What will you say when He returns?

>>I prayed about the loss and the Lord revealed two
>>scriptures to me.
>>First...John 11:35
>>Jesus Wept.
 > Go and do likewise.

I will admit I come on strong. If you were a follower of Jesus Christ
then I certainly erred. I was wrong to not confront you first one on one.
However your declarations of deconversion have caused many to fall.
And I would be wrong to not openly condemn your declarations.

Strong? Yes.

I also spank my children. Does it hurt? You bet. Does it help? Absolutely.
And I would certainly prevent by force any attack on my family or friends.
If you were a follower then what I have posted would rebuke and hurt,
but the fruit which is being determined by every post will be revealed.
It is unfortunate that your growth has separated you from the Word.

>Thank you for the restoring words. Here are some others that I found
>helpful myself. My, Friends, if anyone is detected in a transgression, you
>how have received the spirit should go and restore such a one with a spirit
>of gentleness. Take care that you yourselves are not tempted. Bear one
>another's burden's and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Gal.
>6:1-3 Anyone can play the quote game to their own advantage.
Are you a reprobate or a follower that desires restoration? Have you
transgressed? Do not use the Word to defend your position if you do not
condsider it right.

>>No one here has honestly and openly investigated the validity
>>of the New and Old Testament. And if you had, your rose colored
>>glasses caused you to be blinded from the obvious.
>Not even true. I suspect that many on theos-l have had some training in
>Christian Scripture. I know A. Bain has and I certainly have read through
>the text, preached on it and exegeted it sincerely. The problem is you will
>very likely write this off as the deception of the Dark One.

Exegete? What does that mean? Does that not mean to reveal the truth that
IS found in the scripture? You and A. Bain are about 12inches off.
You have answered well in declaring the prince of the power of the air has
deceived you.

>>Evangelical Polemist
>Daniel did you notice v.16 of your favorite passage? "yet do it with
>gentleness and reverence." You are not listening to the whole text for some

There is a time and a place. And I too am learning to grow and reveal
the compassion of the Lord to the lost, but you my friend have declared
yourself to be not a diciple of Jesus Christ...and the reverence towards
the Lord compels me to Proclaim judgement. If you know or read the Word,
you can know that the saints are to judge...according to the Word.

> The Internet should be used to facilitate an exchange of ideas and
>perspectives, strongly held ones too, but not a means of religious
>campaigning. Please consider those who do not want to hear your message -
>of course you could invite them to join you on a Christian List or a a
>newsgroup of which there are many. I am not being stupid here I feel that
>some might even explore that option.

I can choose to listen to your last paragraph or I can choose to follow the
Great Commission by the Great Master.

Where is the Love and Compassion in degrading the Word and
denegrating the Lord Jesus Christ?

>Under the Mercy,
Under His Mercy

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