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Re: Psychism

Sep 05, 1995 11:42 AM
by Geraldjs

When I said compassion, I meant that sincere love and respect for another
person can help you remain untainted (is that a good word here?) by them. In
magic, for example, compassion can be used as a protective coat of armor that
covers your Body of Light (subtle body by whatever name you want). Love can
form a hard protective cover over your aura so that any "low vibes" will be
repelled. This is very hard for me to put into words without sounding like
something out of CWL. I do it, but find it hard to describe it. Perhaps it
has to do with focusing on another more than yourself? All I know for sure,
is that compassion is a sure way to protect yourself in the higher planes.

 Jerry S.

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