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Re: "source teachings"

Sep 05, 1995 03:19 AM
by Richtay

Brenda: " It seems selfish to call this a secondary
group of writers, because they should be looked at as the product of the
first group and by doing this we could maybe view their positions as closer
to our position in the sense that we are trying to follow in their

I disagree. The secondary writers are not simply the product of the first
group of writers, they are each the product of their own undertstanding of
the first group of writers.

The problem is that I don't see us living today as "third" or "fourth"
generation writers and students, we too are secondary. Nothing stands
between us and the Masters as long as we still have their original teachings
and program. We thinkers and students today are every bit as important as
Mr. Crosbie (U.L.T.) Mr. de Purucker (Pt. Loma) Besant (Adyar) etc. We too
can comment on the original teachings and come up with our own ideas. We can
read whoever -- primary or secondary -- we want to, but we are not
subordinate to them, we are thinkers in our own right.


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