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Re: HPB's interesting article

Sep 03, 1995 07:26 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


> [quoting HPB]:

>"If the "false prophets of Theosophy" are to be left untouched, the TRUE
>prophets will be very soon -- as they have already been -- confused with the
>false. It is nigh time to winnow our corn and cast away the chaff. The T.S.
>is becoming enormous in its numbers, and if the FALSE prophets, the
>pretenders ... or even the weak-minded dupes, are left alone, then the
>Society threatens very soon to become a fanatical body split into three
>hundred sects -- like Protestantism -- each hating the other, and all bent on
>destroying the truth by monstrous exaggerations and idiotic schemes and
>shams. We do not believe in allowing the presence of SHAM elements in
>Theosophy, because of the fear, forsooth, that if even "a false element in
>the faith" is RIDICULED, the latter "is apt to shake the confidence" in the
>whole ..."

Other quotes include the statement that a diversity of views in the
Theosophical Society, *within certain bounds*, is both healthy and necessary.

There are two conflicting goals that we are working towards, and it's
a matter of balance and compromise, to partially achieve the two.

First, we want to preserve the Teachings in a pure form, so that the original
ideas are not lost in several generations of personal reinterpretations.
Second, we want to preserve the Truth behind the Teachings, with requires both
people around with an understanding of the philosophy, and requries that the
proper process of study and inquiry be undertook. We neither want to lose the
intellectual side of the Teachings, nor do we want the spirit to be lost, and
the Teachings be entombed in rigid, inflexible, unyielding words.

For the original Theosophy to be carried forth into the future, all of us
that call ourselves Theosophists need to be clear in our discussions when we
are speaking for ourselves, and when we are speaking for Theosophy itself.
If we, for instance, seriously question the idea of "karma", we can discuss
our doubts, but should never allow people to think that we are teaching the
original Theosophy when we do so. The freedom of belief found in our groups
does not imply that we can teach as Theosophy whatever our current opinions
happen to be.

-- Eldon

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