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Re: old post re:Viking

Sep 03, 1995 07:18 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Is there general agreement on 'theos-l' that Leadbeater's books should be
> restored to their original, unsanitized editions, with everything put back?
> (Not that we have any say over it actually getting done!)
> -- Eldon
I agree, because the original editions are not *that* scarce,
especially here in the UK, where Annie Besant was so active in
her support of CWL. Newcomers discovering the older versions in
second-hand bookshops and comparing them with the expurgated
editions will be bound to say, "These people claim to present
the way to truth while at the same time their literature seeks
to get rid of the lies thay have told in the past."

CWL told lies about himself and his activities. From the point
of view of a non-theosophical history student, his credibility
would be extremely suspect. His *well-documented* biography by
Gregory Tillet should, IMO, be read by all theosophical
students. Maybe he said some things worth saying (or repeating)
but I for one have managed very well without him.

Annie Besant and CWL claimed to represent the original theosophy
present by HPB and others. Concerning both of them a number of
doubts have been raised over the years. So, say I (and others)
- if in doubt, go to the source materials, in this case HPB and
~Isis Unveiled~ which predates the better-known SD. But *she*
refers to *her* source materials, and a fuller study will lead
one to investigate those as well. Elsewhere I mentioned "The
Inductive Intelligence of Unity" but it is important, nay,
essential, for the theosophical movement in *all* its
diversities to bring forth its own scholars, using the scholarly
disciplines that would be required in the university colleges.


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