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Re: Reality - Law

Sep 02, 1995 07:55 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>"There is the collective behavior of things, called 'laws', and
>those laws don't care what we think or feel. The world has a
>consistent set of rules & life operates according to them"

>Let's bat this around a little. I myself wonder where those
>laws came from. If you believe with Rupert Sheldrake the idea
>of morphogenetic fields, then the laws are a mixture of what
>the Logos evolves, & what we human beings then do with them,
>which also makes them evolve. It's an ongoing process. Come to
>think of it, a symbiotic process.

This still sounds like you consider the "laws" as something real in
their own right, something that is created and stands alone from
the beings that are affected. I'd say that the "laws" are patterns
of life, architected by the Dhyani-Chohans, the Grand Architects,
which we, as Builders use to fashion the Materials of the outer
world. The laws change over time, and so do we. But they don't exist
in their own right, anymore than the number "five" exists apart from
actual quantites of five in the world, or the concept "circle"
exists apart from things that subject themselves to circleness and
appear approximately circular.

>I also think that the line between objective & subjective is
>very fuzzy. You realize there's something out there, but you
>need to rely on your senses (your subjectivity) to give you an
>idea of what it is. But you don't really know what that thing
>out there is like.

"Objective," I'd say, is a relative term in the manifest world.
It's an relative absolute. Over this world, we might say, this
is the nature of things, this is objective truth. But in a bigger
picture, we find that our objective truth was subjective, and
relative to a certain place and time.

"Subjective" is an essential characteristic of life. Everything
is relative to us. That is because we are co-creators of the
world, along with the rest of living things. We enter into relationship
with living things and find ourselves in existence. That interrelatedness
is Buddhi, the quality of direct-connectedness. To seek absolute
objectivity is to really to seek that which is behind life, beyond
any relationship with living things, behind and yet embracing all,
the Unknowable Mystery.

-- Eldon

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