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Reality - Law

Sep 01, 1995 10:11 PM

Eldon writes:
"There is the collective behavior of things, called 'laws', and
those laws don't care what we think or feel. The world has a
consistent set of rules & life operates according to them"

Let's bat this around a little. I myself wonder where those
laws came from. If you believe with Rupert Sheldrake the idea
of morphogenetic fields, then the laws are a mixture of what
the Logos evolves, & what we human beings then do with them,
which also makes them evolve. It's an ongoing process. Come to
think of it, a symbiotic process.

I also think that the line between objective & subjective is
very fuzzy. You realize there's something out there, but you
need to rely on your senses (your subjectivity) to give you an
idea of what it is. But you don't really know what that thing
out there is like. It's like I'm touching the keys on my
keyboard just now to write to you. The keys feel solid, & I use
that which I feel, to work with. But scientists tell me that
the keys are space & vibes, & also that my eye catches these
things upside down to be righted by my brain, & I don't know
what else. I store these facts away somewhere, but it's not
something I can perceive, unless I'm clairvoyant, which I'm
not; & it's not something I can consciously use in my every day
life, because I'm used to feeling a solid keyboard, & that's
what I need to work with. I seem to remember reading somewhere
that your senses filter out the information which comes to you
from all over, & let through information useful to you. All of
which leads me to believe, that maybe there is a whole elephant
out there, but I'm touching the trunk of it, & that's what I
perceive & what I can work with. I've never read anywhere that
the veils of maya can be lifted completely. Harry Van Gelder
says in 1 of his poems "lift one veil, And there's another."


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