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Re: angels

Sep 02, 1995 03:32 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>>Every plant, rock, being has an angel trying to help it.<
>This sentence is, no joke, utterly opaque to me. Could someone please help
>explain it?

I don't think that there is just one life looking after each physical thing.
There are a host of elementals that support the life process of a living
being, including the physical principle or Sthula Sharira. The elementals
could also be thought of as the Skandhas or personalized life energies that
belong to the particular being that is in life. This applies to all physical
beings, even those in the Mineral Kingdom (e.g. rocks).

There is a form of self-consciousness in the elementals. They are pre-physical
in their evolution. They "contemplate the physical", being on a downward arc
of sorts in their evolution. They are not yet able to sustain physical vehicles,
and so they use those of us Monads that can come into physical existence for
help. (We have a sort of symbiotic relationship with them.)

To call them "angels" is Christian and poetic, but harmless, and does not
harm the theosophical depiction of what is going on, with the proper

-- Eldon

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