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Re: Angels

Sep 02, 1995 02:31 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>In our nomenclature Devas are lesser gods. Elementals are
>something similar but different. At the moment I don't know
>where to look up a definition, but if Adam Warcup is looking
>in on this post, he can explain better than I what we mean by

As lessor or demi-Gods, they would be the Dhyani-Chohans of
the SD, the three Kingdoms of Nature that *follow the Human*.
The Elementals are the three Kingdoms of Nature that *preceed
the Mineral.* All six of these Kingdoms are non-physical, for
the most part, and affect our world indirectly, not having
physical bodies to act through, at least as we perceive things
here on Globe D earth.

Besides the Kingdoms of Nature, we also have the three streams
of evolution. The highest stream is that of the Architects, and
the Dhyani-Chohans (and perhaps some of the highest Humans) are
involved in this stream. It involves the "laws" or patterns of
life or blueprints of how things are. The second stream is that
of the Builders, and we are involved in this stream. The third
is that of the Materials, and the Elementals and perhaps Mineral
Kingdom are involved in it.

I suspect that the reverting to angels, fairies, etc. came about
with a move to reembrace Christian terminology that happened in
the later years of CWL and AB.

If we get into studying the issue of whether there could be a
parallel line of evolution for the angels/devas, a number of
related issues in the Teachings will need to be discussed, like
there being no such thing as "group souls" or the "creation of
a human through individualization out of a group soul" etc. The
more detailed our discussion the more differences that we may
uncover. Do we want to go into this?

-- Eldon

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