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Re: re: Theosophy as religion

Sep 02, 1995 03:07 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I almost cringe to write this, but Robert Crosbie is
>spelled thus, no "y" in the last name. I am in the dark regarding the
>controversy regarding Crosbie, obviously one of my heroes, I would be
>interested in discussing whatever controvery may surround him and rectifying
>my ignorance.

That's fine. I'll try to remember the correct spelling of his name. I was
going by how it sounded, because I did not remember seeing it in print for
quite a while.

I cannot reply to the history surrounding his split with Point Loma. Perhaps
someone else can help fill in the details. (What I remember from hearing
stories told me is too hazy at the moment for me to want to venture saying

>I am also curious how William Q. Judge is perceived by students on this board

I expect that Judge was initially rejected by Adyar because of the politics
of the split in the T.S., and because there was quite conflicting directions
between the two groups in the 1920's, when the Adyar T.S. was promoting
Krishnamurti as the Coming Christ, and Leadbeater, Besant, and their friends
as his Apostles. Such claims are not a fundamental element of the Adyar Society,
and things are actually friendly between the rank-and-file members of the
different theosophical groups.

Judge is likely now looked on by Adyar like Sinnett is, an early writer with
useful materials, for as far as he went, but perhaps sounding a bit
(This would be someone's reaction to "The Ocean of Theosophy," and not to the
practical nature of his letters and articles, found published elsewhere, which
Adyar people would be less familiar with.)

I'd take the Point Loma view that he was one of the people in the theosophical
moment that acted as a spokesman for the Masters, authorized to present some
of their Teachings, although he did not try to say too much that was new.

-- Eldon

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