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Re: Mars!

Sep 01, 1995 07:02 PM
by Richtay

>>If anyone wants to encourage me, I might have a go at scanning the Mars
material and uploading it to the list (theos-roots?).<<

Do it, do it. Like I said the first day I signed on to Theos-L: and why is
we are thinking CWL is a good guide to the astral [let alone any higher]
plane? And what are his qualifications?

I really don't think the Masters could be bothered describing life on Mars
(if there is such currently that we could perceive), and so I wonder what CWL
hoped we might gain from all of his visions.

Was he simply a deluded fool, or did he have some ennobling purpose in mind
when he penned all this stuff on Mars and how Norwegian they are? Maybe he
thought we would take comfort in hearing about beings from elsewhere who were
much like us? I read this stuff and think "good god, who IS THIS GUY?"


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