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Re: On speculations

Sep 01, 1995 04:28 PM
by Richtay

>when apparently (according
>to little ole HPB) even the Dhyan Chohans themselves

>do not make statements <<<<<-----[this is a misquote!]

>about anything beyond our solar system...<

This is not a "misquote," read my original post and see that the quotation
marks for the S.D. passage end the paragraph before. This selection is
clearly my own opinion. Yet I notice one key part of HPB's writing is left
out from my last post:

"But when, extending our speculations beyond our planetary chain, we try to
cross the limits of the solar system, then indeed we act as do presumptuous
fools." (p. 700, vol. 2)

Additionally, we find on page 701, "For even great adepts ... trained seers
though they are, can claim thorough acquaintance with the nature and
appearance of planets and their inhabitants belonging to our solar system
only. They KNOW that almost all the planetary worlds are inhabited, but can
have access, to -- even in spirit -- only those of our system..."

None of this is quoted to say that HPB is the FINAL AUTHORITY on the subject,
merely to show that her approach to things cosmic and beyond the solar system
is quite different from many other Theosophical writers.


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