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Re: Objectivity

Aug 31, 1995 06:05 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I don't know why Eldon is so philosophical and doesn't use enough examples.
>He would probably prefer to live life entirely on the mental plane. But he
>does help out with the organizational side of the theosophical movement when
>he is able. He's been a very good husband and father and he makes friends
>among his business associates. He has to think abstractly for his kind of
>work which is the development of software.

It helps if you have enought time to write more. This last week, I've had
perhaps 1 to 1 1/2 hours free in the morning, when I get into work, before
I start for the day. There's another 45 minutes at lunchtime. With my
laptop and an outgoing modem line, I'm able to participate a bit. It's
fun to do, like attending a giant theosophical discussion group. I think
that the 'theos-l' list has finally hit "critical mass" and will start to
take off as an lively forum.

-- Eldon

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