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Re: Objective Truth

Aug 31, 1995 06:12 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I think we have a really niffty subject to discuss for
>awhile. What is truth? The following is my response
>to Daniel: this is in the nature of sharing opposing
>viewpoints, and not intended as personal criticism, etc.
>I find this whole subject fascinating and would enjoy
>further discussions, but please, lets try to keep our
>emotions out of it.

"Truth" falls in the same catagory as "objectivity". There's
relative objectivity, which for practical purposes in a world
is fairly consistent; there's also relative truth within the
context of a world. A statement that "things are this way" can
be tested to be true or false: see if it is so. But that test
is in the context of a particular world or plane, and may not
hold true elsewhere.

> Truth IS one's interpretation.
>Period. If you think that there is some kind of
>objective real and changeless truth outside of yourself,
>then I think, my friend, that you have a lot of learning
>to do. We each carry our own truth around with us, and
>yes, it changes once in awhile, and grows just as we do.
> This itself IS truth. The fact that we share certain
>experiences while on this Earth is only made possible
>because a portion of our "objective truths" overlap with
>each other. This overlapping is a necessary condition
>or prerequisite for any world to exist, and we each
>agreed to this when we joined this life-wave that is
>currently perigrinating around Globe D.

We need to make a distinction between absolutes, which are unmanifest
but utterly pure or perfect, and actuals, which are manifest but
relative and subject to limitation. An ideal virture, for instance,
is an absolute. One such virtue might be "Truth". In actual existence,
in a manifest world, it expresses itself as a relative thing, it becomes
limited or conditioned Truth, and has both limitations and differing
applications in different circumstances.

-- Eldon

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