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Sep 01, 1995 07:35 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>Brenda: Eldon was saying that he couldn't believe the
>>angelic kingdom is a parallel evolution to man.
>Alan: I don't think it matters if it is or not. What
>is of importance and relevance for us is what we do if
>we meet any! :-)

Alan, I agree with you on this one. During meditation,
and also during sleep, meeting an Angel is a distinct
possibility, although most go unrecognized because we
are unprepared for such an encounter. How they
evolve is rather like worrying about how many can sit
on the head of a pin. Also, I agree with Eldon that
today's terminology does not match that used by HPB,
but then most of the old phraseologies that she used,
both Hindu and Buddhist, are terribly outdated today
and I suspect that few theosophists today can tell
the difference between an Agniswatta and a Kumara, let
alone the subtle distinctions between the lunar
pitris and solar pitris, without resource to the
literature. That being the case, how would today's
theosophist act when confronting one (although this
whole line is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a slightly
serious undercurrent exists here).

Jerry S.

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