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Re: angels

Sep 01, 1995 00:14 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker


>> Remember, judgement (Gevurah) and emptiness (Din) on the left, mercy(Hesed)
>> and glory(Hod, also known as Netzah-Victory) on the right.
>> Only these four are considered because Kether, Hokmah and Binah all conduct
>> the Light and this is their only affect on the physical world. (This is why
>> there are four doors in the home????)
>All are reconciled by Tiphereth [Beauty, Harmony] in the center.
>And so we, in our development as individuals. are wise to seek
>to center ourselves. Hod and Netzach are usually juxtaposed
>left and right, being separate and distinct sephiroth.

Well, what about the Sephiroth called Din? I'm sure there is one and it
means emptiness. Victory doesn't seem empty, so I thought Hod and Netzach
were the same.

>> On another subject: What more suitable fate for Mars than to "slaughter it."
>Frankly, if this is not intended as a joke, I see it as nonsense.

This is in relation to what the publishers did to the sections of MAN,
WHENCE, HOW AND WHITHER regarding Martian cities.

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