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Aug 31, 1995 06:51 PM
by jrcecon


Forwarding this post to the list for those interested in
Chaos/Complexity theory. -JRC

Subject: FAQ:Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology + LifeSciences

Brief FAQ for...


About the Society

The Society is an international forum bringing together researchers,
theoreticians, and practitioners interested in applying dynamical
systems theory, far-from-equilibrium thermodynamics, self-organiza-
tion, neural nets, fractals cellular automata, and related forms
of chaos, catastrophes, bifurcations, nonlinear dynamics, and
complexity theories to psychology and the life sciences.

The Society was founded at its first meeting held in San Francisco,
1991. Our members hail from numerous specialties within psychology
and the social sciences as well as from biology, physiology,
neuroscience, mathematics, philosophy, physics, computer science,
economics, education, management, political science, engineering,
and the world of art. At the time this announcement was prepared,
we have 470 members worldwide.

Society Activities

The Society publishes a newsletter, holds an annual international
conference including workshops on new nonlinear methods, hosts
regional conferences, and maintains the CHAOPSYC@MOOSE.UVM.EDU
computer bulletin board (e-mail format). Future plans include
both an electronic and a paper journal. A World Wide Web Site
is now under construction, and it will link a wide range resources
for researchers in nonlinear dynamics.

The essential proceedings of the first two conferences appear
in an edited collection along with works by additional Society

Abraham, F., & Gilgen A. (Eds., 1995). Chaos Theory in Psychology.
 Westport CT: Greenwood Publishing Group.
 ISBN 0-313-28961-1.

The proceedings of the third annual conference was edited on
behalf of the society by:

Robertson, R., & Combs, A. (1995). Chaos Theory in Psychology and
 the Life Sciences. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
 ISBN 0-8058-1736-0 [hardbound], ISBN 0-8058-1737-9 [paper].

Proceedings of the fourth and fifth annual conferences are now
in preparation.

Annual Conference

Annual conferences are, according to the present algorithm,
alternately scheduled for June or August, and will precede
one of the major psychological conventions in North America.
The August, 1995 conference took place at Adelphi University
in New York. The next annual conference is Scheduled for
the San Francisco Bay area, June, 1996. Additional information
will be posted in the Newsletter and elsewhere.

Physical Location

The new Society address for membership, newsletter submissions,
and general inquiries is:

 Society For Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences
 c/o Stephen J. Guastello, Ph.D., President
 Dept. Psychology, Marquette University
 P.O. Box 1881
 Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881 USA

Tel: + 414-288-6900; FAX: + 414-288-5333;


The Membership year concludes with the annual conference. Rates
are US$25.00 for regular members. (US$10.00 for students or
persons with limited income.)

Name _______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________


City _______________________________________________

State/Province/zip/postal code: ____________________

Country ____________________________________________

Tel: ____________________ FAX: _____________________

e-mail: ____________________________________________

Please complete and mail to the Society at the address above.
At the present time the Society can only accept payment by
check or money order drawn on a US bank; consult your
local bank for best procedures. We also regret that we
cannot accept credit cards.
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