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Re: Psychic powers

Aug 31, 1995 04:55 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>> I'd suggest that few people actually
>>need occult powers, but there is a general need for people to firmly
>>root their feet on the Path. And Purucker makes it clear that one of the
>>first steps for new students is to shut down the psychic, to concentrate
>>on the spiritual and selflessness, to deal with life in a simple, plain,
>>but magically spiritual way.
>In my own words, I would say they need to open the heart. Development of
>compassion comes before any psychic power, which can be abused like any
power or
>- ann

There are many things that we could learn and study. Paranormal powers
is one of them. Cultivation of wisdom and awaking the spiritual is another.
While it's a matter of individual preference what one seeks in life, the
most direct route to the Path is in awakening the deepest within us, the
spiritual. The rest will follow of its own accord.

-- Eldon

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