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Joining all groups

Aug 31, 1995 06:30 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Jerry Hejka-Ekins indicated to Rich Taylor that joining the
Adyar and Pasadena TSes as well as the ULT may be
disappointing, depending on what one expects. While it's true
that none of them are exactly paragons of democratic
principles, this is also true of almost all spiritual groups.
I'd say that each group has people who will be harmonious and
disharmonious with any individual's approach to Theosophy;
Adyar having the most diverse membership and ULT, I suspect,
the least.

Probably the decision about which group to join should take
more account of the available local branches or lodges than of
the overall organization. There is such variation among them,
that a ULT person for example would find some Adyar lodges
quite comfortable but others intolerable. And presumably there
is some comparable variation among ULT lodges as well.

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