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To Liesel

Aug 31, 1995 09:41 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel:< To me, whatever & however you happen to
perceive, that's your reality for that moment. I can accept
that as you grow more & more spiritual your perception of the
world (whatever that encompasses) changes into something which
contains more wisdom, detachment, compassion & etc. The
perception becomes more mature & more at one with the All. But
it's still a subjective reality. Devachan is subjective. Do you
know an answer to this one? Does anybody?>

Like a lot of things, you pretty well have to find
your own answer to this one, Liesel. I agree with you as
to the relativity of reality. But, if you truly accept the
present state of things as "reality" then how can you ever
hope to grow into "something which contains more wisdom" etc.
Do you see the problem? To accept our current physical
environment as reality is exactly what the materialst does.
By visualizing a better world, we can hope someday to find
ourselves in a better world. You hit the nail on the head
when you say "your reality for that moment." When you fall
asleep, your dream is your current reality. BTW, I personally
don't see Devachan any more subjective than physical
imbodiment. In all states and stages of manifestation, we
always have a subjective sense of being in some kind of an
objective world (I believe that G de P says somewhere that
consciousness must always have a suitable vehicle). In all
states and stages of manifestation, the outer world always
mirrors to a large extent our inner condition. Dreams, for
example, always seem subjective after we wake. So too, with

<YHWY is a Hebrew name for a form of God>

It is also a four-lettered magical formula, which is
very well known in the OTO and GD schools.

 Jerry S.

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