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Re: Lion's Den

Aug 30, 1995 04:11 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Dear den-sitter!

YHWH is a hebrew word derived from the verb "to be" and is very
difficult to translate into English, though "Eternal Being" or,
as many of the Church Fathers preferred, "The Eternal" is pretty
close. Theosophy, IMHO, is concerned with "god-wisdom" along
the lines of the wisdom literature generally to be found in all
traditions, not least the Judeo-Christian, but not exclusively
so. Eternal being may be a *fact* of cosmological proportions,
but does not, of itself, require to be personified as "Lord"
"Lady" or anyone else. That LAW - both "spiritual" and material
exists is demonstrable, that's for sure - hence the concept of
karma in theosophical circles.

To me, the whole idea of an "objective reality" is a totally
human abstraction, for, as individuals - this is the important
bit folks - we are all *subject* to LAW, and thus incapable
either individually of collectively of total "objectivity" - so
even if there is such as thing as "objective reality" or
"objective truth" we are constitutionally incapable of
recognising it, as the human condition is relative to
environment and context.

For example, if I see you approaching me, you are, in that
context, "object." If I am able to influence your behavior by my
words and actions, you become "subject" - and vice-versa.

My carpet, I am told by the scientists, is teeming with small,
living creatures, called dust mites. I cannot see them - they
are too small, and they cannot see me - I am too big.

To offer you another quote, this time from Paul (1 Corinthians,
where most of the best ones are): "Who can know the mind of God
except the Spirit of God?" Certainly not me, nor you, nor anyone
else. The rest of the quote is, however, relevant and
*possible* for we human dust mites on the surface of a very
small planet in a very large universe. [1 Cor. 2:9ff].


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