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Re: Theos-l: An Incendiary Fellowship?

Aug 30, 1995 11:40 AM

Dear Art,

I just reread what I wrote, it came out wrong. I meant it in
the sense of "one keeps one's voice down", I didn't mean it to
talk to you directly, & I wasn't saying you did something I
didn't like. It's not a time to go shouting, because then the
other fellow shouts back twice as loud .... But I shouted.
Probably got Daniel mad, & that doesn't help. Maybe it'll make
him go away. That's what I'd like for him to do. He's a pest, &
I don't see what's the good of debating anything with him. I
once had a fellow worker who was a Jehovah's Witness. They're
more gentle than this guy, but they want to convince everyone
else of their beliefs. I counter argued her for hours & days on
end, just the way Eldon is doing now with Daniel. I never got
her away from saying that her point of view was the only valid
one. From that experience I feel, why blow my choppers? I'll
protest when they start infringing on my rights ... like
shooting an abortion doctor, or trying to decide for me what I
may or may not do in my own home, or trying to pass a law that
I must believe what they believe in.


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