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Re: game over?

Aug 29, 1995 07:51 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>>is that we are in an
>>age and on a plane of existence where external nature itself does not
>>certain experiences.
> I'm not sure I follow you here, yes external nature is different than
>what might be called "internal" nature (and this is an imperfect planet),
> but the inner would always be increasingly reflected in or become the outer
>manifestation as evolutionary need arose.

I'd agree that over time that the external world becomes increasingly refined,
becoming more responsive to our inner natures over time. This is the natural
course of things over the grand sweep of evolution. As we get to the Fifth
Round, things may be completely unrecognizable to us, were we to perceive it
at this time.

My reference was to the possibility of progressing faster than the normal
flow of things. This is what is referred to by "the Path;" it is hastened
evolution, running ahead of the normal external flow of life.

>>Internally we can hasten our evolution, perhaps by
>>visiting the other globes on our planetary chain, and seeking embodiment on
>>those globes (and their respective planes).
> Yes, also, I believe, that at present one of the greatest opportunities
>for evolution for our humanity is here on this globe now. Individual
>transfers can occur to be sure (for many reasons as far as I understand) but
>the best evolutionary opportunty for each of us is where we are at the time
>vis a vi relating in full consciousness as much of the inner and outer nature
>as we can.

I'd agree that the best opportunity for our evolution is here on this globe.
This is where the human lifewave is. This is where the people we know are.
This is were we go to work our our karma with them. Here is where our
struggle to lift ourselves will naturally uplift and aid others as well.
The visiting of the other globes was more a reference to special circumstances,
for perhaps Chelas or Mahatmas, and is not the general rule.

>>Externally, the senses, our
>>physical forms, and the social and cultural context that we find ourselves
>>does not support it.
> As the "planet" moves to higher planes, then what is internal will
>become seen by all -- but that does not preclude anyone from having the
>internal experiences today. There is support for spiritual evolution in all
>of manifestation. The sight of a flower can touch the heart, so to speak.

With each Round, the globe moves up slightly, it improves. Our experience of
the other planes, though, comes from the time periods when the human lifewave
is on the other globes of the planetary chain. Each globe is on a different
plane (actually globes A & G are on one plane, B & F on a second, and C & E
on a third). When on a particular globe, we experience life as it is known
on the plane that the globe is on.

>>Fifth Round consciousness and experiences won't be here
>>until the Fifth Round actually happens. Until then, Fifth-Round type
>>can only be *internally experienced.*
> It is possible for there to be overlapping in manifestation and as more
>have the internal experience the closer the experience comes for all. Thus
>we mine more and more gold.

I'd expect external life to move at its own majestic pace, much as the planets
revolve about the sun, progressing slowly, stately, in harmony with the rhythms
of life. We as individuals, though, can outstrip the external pace of things,
and can hasten our evolution *internally*, even if we are limited to being
born into Fourth Round, Fifth Race, bodies on this globe.

> The scientist in me loves talking about nature and rounds.

There are at least three models of the globe chains that readers of 'theos-l'
subscribe to. Sometimes the topic arises, and there are interesting discussions.

>Best regards,

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