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Re: On Auras

Aug 29, 1995 07:06 AM
by Aprioripa

Dear Paul,

>Any suggestions as to why visual clairvoyance should be on the
>increase now?

 Yes, many more disciples (millions) and initiates (thousands) would be
in incarnation today. Most, I believe, are in their twenties or younger.
 But the collective vibration of humanity has been raised significantly, with
all the difficulties that go along with such.

>I wonder if the Internet is part of the same

 I think so -- the electrification of the planet and universal
communication. Of course, if humanity weren't so focussed on exoteric
technology perhaps we could all be telepathic by now.

>Would not be surprised to see Pluto's entry into
>Sag. and Uranus going into Aquarius to open up the paranormal
>to public inspection more than heretofore.

 Transformation on the path and magic in the air -- a grand adventure!


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