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re: theosophy as religion

Aug 27, 1995 07:27 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Rich: Thank you for the report on the Boston area.

> . . . two organizations were formed of the one branch, one of which
>was a Bailey organization and which called itself "the Besant Lodge of the
>the Boston T.S."

Polarity and separateness won, but humanity lost.

>Later I became secretary of the Besant (Bailey) branch, and it was my job to
>record the most amazing rituals and "services" and psychic festivals held
>under the banner of Theosophy, as these people called themselves the "Boston
>T.S." like I said, without Wheaton's blessing. Full-moon meditations, each
>meeting beginning with "the great invocation" asking for the return of Christ
>and the restoration of God's plan, Holidays like Easter and Wesak, etc.

Hate to tell you this, but that sounds pretty good to me.

>. . . There was much argument, but finally the group agreed that there was a
>holy three-part dispensation of Theosophy, and that each teaching carried on
the >work of the previous ones. All three teachers were seen as equally valid,
they >saw no differences between them.

Gotta give them credit for that one.

>Given my personal experience of Theosophical study as an associate of U.L.T.,
>where we stick pretty much to the ORIGINAL material and try to learn it WELL,

Herein lies the solution to your problem. Stick with the group that you
harmonize the best and leave the others to their natural fate. Surely, we will
all arrive at the same destination, in due time.

- ann

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