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Re: Do the Masters exist?

Aug 27, 1995 05:27 AM
by Aprioripa

>Sorry Patrick, but I find this meaningless viv a vis your
>evangelical Christian forms of expression, which seem to assume
>so many things without offering an explanation of any.

 I find it meaningful. It is not evangelical Christian -- nor is there
any emotionalism involved -- visionary phraseology relates to there are
higher planes. All of the concepts and their attendant assumptions can be
found in the writings referred to previously.

>If you will, but we can express both without having to subscribe
>to the idea of "God's plan" - which if there is one is not doing
>much for abused and murdered refugees in Bosnia, Rwanda, or the
>young children who are regularly sexually assaulted for the
>excitement of paedophiles, etc., etc. Is all this part of
>"God's plan?" If so, time to change gods, methinks .....

 God, as written about in so many ways in "The Secret Doctrine."
 Suffering and the tragedies you mention are the result of human choices.
 Reincarnation, etc. -- and today mostly continued because of the negligence
of people in the acceptance of material power and the inertia of those
misguided but good souls who are not active enough.


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