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Re: Do the Masters exist?

Aug 25, 1995 05:36 AM
by Aprioripa

>Regarding the question of whether the Masters exist.

 "A master is one who has mastered himself in the Love of God or Christ
and when a student speaks of his master he is referring to a person who's
example he seeks to follow and to whom he is related by shared spiritual
interests and devotion to service -- not to one who has any authoritative
control over his life. In this spirit of freedom The Son of God known as
Christ is the master of the masters. A disciple is one who seeks to be
disciplined ... so as to follow the spiritual path that all who have mastered
themselves in God's Love have also followed. The hierarchy is the realm of
relationships between disciples, masters and God and could be referred to as
the kingdom of heaven. One's place in the hierarchy is determined by one's
love, humility, compassion and interests as to service in God's Plan. The
hierarchy could also be thought of as the next kingdom in nature toward which
we all are evolving."

 "The word channeling has been greatly distorted today. Channeling in
relation to true spiritual work simply means being a conduit through which
the Love of God can flow. True channeling is completely different from the
lower mediumship which is unfortunately all too common today. No real
disciple or master ever channels via mediumship or unconscious body
possession nor do they make any claims as to self-importance and
exclusiveness nor charge any money to see channeling. There can be cases of
overshadowing and conscious cooperation through telepathy with members of the
kingdom of heaven but never are any self-promoting claims put forth as to
this and all that would be noticed by those watching would be that the writer
or speaker seems to be radiating greater love and wisdom."

(from an unpublished article -- to be posted soon)


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