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Re: Approaching Masters with a Difference

Aug 24, 1995 10:20 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> reply #2
> What I really mean is that I think the 2 Pauls' speculations
> are completely immaterial. What difference does it make whether
> you view the Masters with your intuition, your thinking, your
> corns, or whatever else you can view them with. I think what
> really counts is not how the Masters appear to you, but rather
> what do they have to say that's valuable & useful to you?

Well, the topic for the gathering (not chosen by me) is: The
Masters as We See Them. But your point is still relevant. I
think we do indeed need to reflect on the "as we see them" part
by understanding how we perceive and judge in general. But
hopefully this will lead into a wider discussion.
Generally, Theosophists don't seem to reflect much on the
inevitable (LARGE) gap between "how we see them" and "how they
really are"-- true not just of Masters but of everybody. If we
can have a brotherly/sisterly gathering in which people can
give everyone else permission to see the Masters from their own
idiosyncratic limitations, then we lay the groundwork for
transcending some of those limitations-- maybe. I hope we are
all approaching this gathering with the sense that everyone can
learn something from everyone else, even though none of us may
get much closer to a full understanding.


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