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Psychosophy: Concepts & Readings

Aug 24, 1995 00:07 AM
by Aprioripa

Psychosophy (concepts and readings)

 The word psychosophy comes from the word psyche, which means soul, and the
word sophia, which means wisdom. Over the last one hundred years marvelous
progress has been made by the science of psychology in the understanding of
human nature and in applying this understanding to the helping of human
beings. Psychosophy embraces this scientific progress and includes the
religious path of personal and group spiritual development with the science
of psychology. Psychosophy is an aspect of theosophy. The three general
areas of psychosophy are typosophy (relating to psychological types), motion
(relating to movement through space) and evolution (relating to processes of
development). These areas are described in the esoteric books listed below.

 Psychosophical training requires the development of skills in philosophy,
mathematics and education. The student of psychosophy should have scientific
and mathematical skills on par with those credentialed by the world's
recognized academic institutions. The practice of psychosophy in service to
the common good relates to all areas of human activity and psychosophy can be
applied by any qualified individual to his area of work and service.

Suggested reading list and study program in Psychosophy:

 Read and study these books for general concepts and scientific techniques
(books of equivalent content may be substituted for those listed here):

 Islands of Truth: A Mathematical Mystery Cruise by Ivars Peterson.
 The Divine Proportion: A Study in Mathematical Beauty by H.E. Huntley
 Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory by J .R. Reitz, F. J. Milford and R.
W. Christy.
 Psychometric Theory by J. C. Nunnally.
 The Federalist Papers by James Madison et al.
 Synergetics I&II by R. Buckminster Fuller.
 Basic textbooks on general academic subjects.

 Read and study these books thoroughly (note: these books should be lightly
read before intensive mental work with this material is begun):

 A Treatise on the Seven Rays (five volumes) by Alice A. Bailey.
 The Secret Doctrine Vol. II: Anthropogenesis by H.P. Blavatsky.

 Books for general reading and reference:

 The writings of Alice A. Bailey, H.P. Blavatsky and other theosophical
 The three volume set entitled The Teachings of the Temple.

 The general study time for this reading list is seven years. A
correspondence course as a supplement to this reading list is being developed
and co-workers are invited to write in with questions, comments and
suggestions. Compilations, charts and diagrams from the above books and a
practical psychosophical computer program are available to students of
psychosophy who have completed the reading study program or who are well into
the process of completing the reading study program. Publication of
psychosophical writings should be sought in mainstream journals and in books
written for the appropriate general market. A Journal of Psychosophy is
planned and will be published in a timely manner.

January, 1995.

A.Priori, 6524 San Felipe #323, Houston, TX, 77057 USA. Email:
A.Priori is a goodwill educational service organization.

Patrick Alessandra
6524 San Felipe #323
 Houston, TX 77057 USA
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"Peace on earth."

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