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Re: Re to Jerry

Aug 22, 1995 10:31 AM
by Aprioripa

>>Ah, but entering nirvana is a great help, as it raises the
>>collective vibration of the planetary personality.

>I am not sure how to handle this.

 I mean only good -- so with honesty and good cheer.

>Patrick, you sound a bit
>like a Theravadin here.

 What's that? I'm a native born Texan!

>In a way, you are right. But the
>bodhisattva thinks that he can help even more by coming
>back again.

 Accordingly, some do come back and others move to work in other spheres
-- all in cooperation with the good of the whole.

>Incidently, a bodhisattva (or Adept of any
>stripe) can also help raise the vibration of the planetary
>personality simply by holding onto good thoughts and
>feeling compassion toward others.

 Indeed, they can direct this to any realm of the planetary sphere (as
long as free will ...). The statement above is in reference to the idea that
as we each attain a higher beingness we thereby help all with whom we are
related. To be sure, such attainment is never separatively (or escapist)
motivated, yet it does occur in relation to an individualized being.

>We can each do this as


>BTW, "the nature of Logoic divinity" can be just about anything you want it
to be,

 Well, each planetary Logos does have a different radiance so it can't be

>and you can include free
>will too if you have a mind (i.e., the free will) to do so.

 I believe that free will is ubiquitious for individual and group
conscious people on all planets.


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