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Re: More on Astrology and Karma

Aug 21, 1995 06:31 AM
by Lewis Lucas

>... Perhaps the charts
> primarily function as an aid to the intuition of the astrologer,
> much like the toss of the I Ching? Perhaps the insights that the
> astrologer arrives at are due to the *process* of interpreting a
> chart, rather than due to the actual aspects, planetary positions,
> etc. that are contained in it?

-- Eldon Tucker


 Years ago, when John Coats was International President of the TS,
I wrote to him and asked if theosophy or HPB "believed in" astrology.
In his reply he said HPB had said that astrology was only as good as
the astrologer and the Western version of the day didn't take into
consideration ones karma from past lives. For himself, he thought it
was a tool which allowed one to focus the intellect and allow the
intution to work, comparing to crystal ball gazing. He did not give
me a reference to HPB's comment, but if someone on the list knows
where I could find it I would be interested to read her exact words.


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