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Re: More on Astrology and Karma

Aug 18, 1995 12:04 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>Just a thought: Here's the possible correlation -- all in CA
taking a questionnaire! I think that correlates can be found with
demographics and broad based MMPI type tests if factors such as
personal values (spiritual polarization) and personality ray type
are controlled for. Multivariate analysis is indeed a
mathematical adventure.

I'd look at astrology as one variation of describing the law of
cycles. There are various cycles, both small and big, that have
an influence upon our culture and lives. These influences affect
our experience of things. Our personality is appropriate to the
situation that we choose to be born into. It is not "caused" by
the aspects in effect at that time, but rather it is the result
of the interaction between the inner man and outer life.

Where I'd disagree with traditional western astrology is in
saying that the visible planets and their motions through the sky
actually mark the timing of our various cycles. There may be a
weak relationship, but the real cycles, I'd think, are measured

I'd also expect that the cycles are not continuous, of exactly
the same time period, and easily predictible. They're more akin
to the time that someone wakes up in the morning, than to the
more-predictible time that the sun rises on the horizon each day.
That is because the cycles are the effects of the actions of
*living beings*, and not mechanical in nature.

Cycles can also be taken under the influence of "strange
attractors", where predictibility in time and/or space is lost,
even though the underlying structure of the cycles remains

-- Eldon

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