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Aug 20, 1995 09:10 AM
by euser


>With all the astrological variables of a birth chart as
candidates for predicting a considerable amount of information
about the subjects, I was unable to obtain any strong

>I was led to conclude that the information from an astrological
chart is not useful in a traditional statistical sense. Perhaps
the charts primarily function as an aid to the intuition of the
astrologer, much like the toss of the I Ching? Perhaps the
insights that the astrologer arrives at are due to the *process*
of interpreting a chart, rather than due to the actual aspects,
planetary positions, etc. that are contained in it?


Let me throw in some ideas, based on W.Q.Judge (Echoes of the
Orient, vol. 2; pp.13-14 and 67-70). He says the natal charts
in current astrology are not very accurate, lacking info about
influences from certain powerful stars and quotes some evidence
and names of astrologers.

He prefers horary astrology and refers to the many occasions
where he successfully consulted an astrologer, e.g. for advice
whether to move to a certain other building for the TS
headquarters or not. (He gives some more examples, but I will
not quote it all). His opinion of _this_ type of astrology is
favourable. Of course it requires "the proper cast of mind for
giving a correct reply to a question" (such as: "whom to do
business with, what things to avoid, and what will be the result
of any particular business engaged in or proposed"). He names
one good book on this topic [I will give the title to anyone

In summary: this type of astrology would be just the candidate to
do research on..


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