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esoteric Karma

Aug 19, 1995 09:57 AM

Dear Gerry, dear majestic soliton,

I take it the answer you wrote to Fred includes me in. Even
though you didn't have the courtesy to address me, you covered
the questions I asked you.

I see where you're coming from, & I see why I didn't understand.
Your idea is that one's Karma is somehow consumed & burnt up when
one attains the state of Moksha.

My idea has been for a while that Karma consists of vibes & that
your makeup consists also of vibes, and that Karmic vibes affect
you because they resonate with your own. So when you've attained
Moksha, there are no more vibes in your make up to respond to
unwonted karmic vibes, which then glance off.

But I hadn't thought of them as being annihilated. Your theory
is as valid as mine. Maybe Karma is somehow influenced by
strange attractors. I don't have any Jung books around the
house, having sent the few I had to a Jungian psychologist in
Russia who was in need of them. So I can't look up synchronicity
to see what that is. Anyway, you've cleared up the mystery &
thank you, even if it was addressed to Fred. I think I got my
idea from something Sri Ram wrote, which I'm sure I'll never find



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