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Aug 17, 1995 09:01 PM

I have to agree with Jerry in his criticsm that human logic does
often lead us to some awful conclusions. ( However, I suspect
most of our worst conclusions come when we are judgemental of
others. They frequently close the door on our personal growth.)
Likewise, I acknowledge I may not understand the distinction you
draw between the esoteric and exoteric concepts of Karma. Would
you expand on them?

I must plead that I do not find much distinction between the
action of a warrier in killing, and an abortionist. First, if we
look at the warrier, in the heat of the battle, many innocents
are killed. I could cite any number of examples from Bosnia to
Viet Nam, from India to Maya Mexico... I am unaware of any war
in history where innocents were spared. It is argued that the
combatant has made a choice to enter battle, and that if he is
killed, that is okay. I don't see that he is any less dead than
the infant object of abortion. One of the cliches used by our
generals is that they will strike with "surgical precision." They
they talk about minimizing "collateral damage" (read killing of

Love and light, Fred

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